Compatible Epson 522 Ink Cartridge - T522 - Multi Pack

 Page Yield: Black: 4,500 Pages; Cyan/Magenta/Yellow: 7,500 Pages
30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 2-Year Product Warranty. Shop with Confidence! 

Pack: 4 (1 Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, 1 Yellow)
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In stock

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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Epson EcoTank

  • EcoTank ET-2400 
  • EcoTank ET-2720 
  • EcoTank ET-2800 
  • EcoTank ET-2803
  • EcoTank ET-2840  
  • EcoTank ET-4700
  • EcoTank ET-4800  
  • EcoTank ET-4810

Compatible Epson 522 Ink Cartridge - T522 - Multi Pack Description

This is the multi-pack version of Epson T522 ink replacements at True Image. We package the compatible cartridges into three different combinations to ensure an uninterrupted supply of quality ink. As a reliable Epson EcoTank replacement, these cartridges maintain the same outstanding performance while delivering superior value. Please explore the epitome of printing efficiency, affordability, and sustainability with True Image compatible Epson 522 cartridge - T522 - multi-pack. You will find the suitable option that fits your Epson printer!

Particular Guide Of Compatible Epson 522 Ink Cartridges

The compatible Epson 522 ink cartridge comes in various pack options, catering to different user needs. Whether you opt for the 4-pack, 5-pack, or the more extensive 10-pack configuration, these options provide flexibility, ensuring you have ample ink for your printing requirements. This variety is handy for individuals or businesses with varying printing demands. One notable feature is its compatibility with Epson EcoTank printers, serving as a reliable replacement for the original Epson cartridges. The compatibility ensures that you can seamlessly integrate these cartridges into your existing printing setup, enjoying the benefits of genuine Epson quality without compromising print quality and performance.

Speaking of genuine Epson quality, our compatible T522 Multi Pack maintains the high standards set by the renowned printer manufacturer. The ink cartridges are engineered to deliver professional-grade prints, text documents, vibrant images, or intricate graphics. This commitment to quality ensures that every shot meets your expectations and reflects the true capabilities of your Epson printer. Note that Epson 522 and Epson 502 are different inks. The 502 does not work with the printers listed below, check out the blog Epson 502 vs 522, What Is the Difference for more information.

OEM Code Compatible Printers Colors Page Yields
EPSON T522, T522120-S

 Epson EcoTank ET-2400

Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Epson EcoTank ET-2800

Epson EcoTank ET-2803

Epson EcoTank ET-2840

Epson EcoTank ET-4700

Epson EcoTank ET-4800

Epson EcoTank ET-4810

K(black) 4500 Pages
EPSON T522, T522220-S C(cyan) 7500 Pages
EPSON T522, T522320-S M(magenta) 7500 Pages
EPSON T522, T522420-S Y(yellow) 7500 Pages

(Basic product attributes of Epson T522 Ink)

Why is Compatible Epson T522 Ink Cartridge Multi Pack Worth Purchasing?

High-quality Ink:Our compatible Epson 522 ink replacement is a printer consumable for creating images and text on the pages. We use high-quality pigments formulated to ensure good printing quality and service life. Not only does it have a wide color gamut that produces high-resolution images with rich colors and high contrast, but it also has good water and fade resistance, meaning that printed images retain their color for extended periods even when exposed to moisture or light. It is an excellent option for anyone who needs to print high-quality images and text regularly. It produces rich, vibrant prints that will please any printer user.

Wallet-friendly Price:Besides top-notch quality, the compatible Epson 522 ink cartridge offers a wallet-friendly price point. Our competitive pricing is a third or less of the original Epson ink. Instead of purchasing a T522 single pack, choosing the compatible Epson 522 cartridge multi-pack, available in 4-pack, 5-pack, or 10-pack configurations, proves to be a wise choice. The bulk purchase option provides a discount rate per cartridge, leading to substantial time savings. Moreover, the affordability of these cartridges does not amount to a quality compromise. It appeals to home and office users who want to optimize their print budget without sacrificing print quality.

Thoughtful After-sales Service:Purchasing compatible Epson T522 cartridge multi-packs is more than just a transaction. It reflects a commitment to customer satisfaction beyond the purchase. You can rely on the True Image assurance of customer satisfaction to address questions or inquiries with responsive support. It ensures a smooth and worry-free experience, giving you confidence in your cartridge choice. With compatible Epson 522 replacements, our thoughtful after-sales service covers many aspects: a 30-day money-back and a 2-year product warranty. That is, within 30 days from the date of purchase, if the Epson T522 you received has any non-man-made damage, you can apply to us for a return or refund. As long as you buy any product in True Image, you can enjoy such customer service.

Innovative Environmental Concepts:Beyond print quality and cost considerations, the T522 multi-pack embraces innovative environmental concepts. True Image cartridges often come in eco-friendly packaging, utilizing materials that promote recyclability. From biodegradable materials to simple design, the focus is on reducing the carbon footprint associated with packaging while ensuring that cartridges reach users safely and reliably. Our T522 cartridge uses ultra-high-capacity ink bottles uniquely key for easy-to-fill, which contain components that can be recycled or use materials that are easy to recycle, contributing to a circular economy. In addition, the compatible Epson 522 ink replacements undergo rigorous testing and development to ensure they are designed for optimum efficiency, minimizing ink waste during printing.

Frequently Asked Questions About True Image Epson T522 Ink Multi-Pack

Q1: How many cartridges are included in the T522 Multi-Pack?

These Epson multi-packs typically include a combination of black ink bottles along with cyan, magenta, and yellow ink. The specific quantity of each color included in the pack may vary based on the chosen configuration:

  • 4-pack: Generally includes four cartridges, typically one black ink cartridge and three color cartridges (One of each cyan, magenta, and yellow).
  • 5-pack: Typically includes five cartridges, usually two black ink cartridge and three color cartridges (One of each cyan, magenta, and yellow).
  • 10-pack: Offers a larger supply, often including four black ink cartridges and six color cartridges (Two of each cyan, magenta, and yellow) in higher quantities to accommodate heavier printing demands.

These configurations cater to diverse printing requirements while giving users a consistent supply of high-quality ink for their printing jobs.

Q2:What is the difference between True Image Epson T522 Ink and the OEM?

True Image is committed to producing and selling third-party high-quality ink cartridges. Not only does it provide ink and toner for Epson printers, but you can also find HP, Canon, Brother, and other well-known office brand replacements here. Compared to OEM cartridges, True Image cartridges are usually cheaper, saving consumers costs to some extent. While True Image ink replacements are designed to replicate the quality of OEM cartridges, ink formulations, and manufacturing processes may vary. Print quality and lifetime may be slightly different, as will the shape of the cartridge.

Q3: How do I install the True Image Epson T522 Ink Multi-Pack in my Epson printer?

  • Turn off the Printer: Ensure the printer is turned off before attempting to remove the ink bottle.
  • Open the Ink Tank Cover: Locate the ink tank or ink bay cover on your Epson printer. It's usually on the side or front of the printer. Gently open this cover to access the ink tank area.
  • Identify the Specific Ink Tank: Identify the ink tank associated with the empty T522 ink bottle you want to remove. Some printers have separate tanks for each color (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), so select the correct tank.
  • Twist and Unlock The Cap: The ink bottle is secured in the tank with a twist-lock mechanism for many Epson printers. Twist the bottle cap counterclockwise to unlock it from the tank.
  • Remove the Old Bottle: Once unlocked, carefully lift the ink bottle upward to detach it from the ink tank. Avoid tilting the bottle too much to prevent spills or leaks.
  • Shake the New Ink Bottle: Gently shake the new T522 ink bottle before use. It helps to ensure the ink is well-mixed for optimal printing performance.
  • Remove Seal and Cap: Remove the seal or cap from the ink bottle. There will be a protective seal covering the nozzle on the bottles.
  • Insert the Ink Bottle: Carefully insert the nozzle of the T522 ink bottle into the corresponding ink tank's refill port. Slowly squeeze the bottle, allowing the ink to flow into the tank.
  • Refill Carefully: Avoid overfilling. Stop filling once the ink reaches the appropriate level in the tank. Be cautious not to spill or drip ink on the printer or surrounding areas.
  • Close Ink Tank Cover: Securely close the ink tank cover to prevent ink spillage or dust accumulation.
  • Printer Initialization: Some Epson printers might automatically recognize the new ink refill and initiate an ink charging process. Follow any on-screen prompts or instructions displayed by your printer.
  • Test Print: Print a test page to check the ink installation. It can confirm that the cartridges are correctly installed and ready for use.


Product Brand True Image
OEM Number T522
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 4,500 Pages(BK); 7,500 Pages(C/M/Y)

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