Compatible Epson 502 Ink Cartridge - T502 - Multi Pack

 Page Yield: Black: 7,500 Pages; Cyan/Magenta/Yellow: 6,000 Pages
30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 2-Year Product Warranty. Shop with Confidence! 

Pack: 4 (1 Black, 1 Cyan, 1 Magenta, 1 Yellow)
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In stock

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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Epson EcoTank

  • EcoTank ET-15000 
  • EcoTank ET-2751 
  • EcoTank ET-2760 
  • EcoTank ET-2850  
  • EcoTank ET-2851  
  • EcoTank ET-2856  
  • EcoTank ET-3710  
  • EcoTank ET-3760 
  • EcoTank ET-3830 
  • EcoTank ET-3843 
  • EcoTank ET-3850  
  • EcoTank ET-4752  
  • EcoTank ET-4760  
  • EcoTank ET-4850 
  • EcoTank ET-4856

Epson Expression

  • Expression ET-2700  
  • Expression ET-2750
  • Expression ET-3700

Epson WorkForce

  • Workforce ET-3750 
  • Workforce ET-4750 
  • WorkForce ST-2000 
  • WorkForce ST-3000 
  • WorkForce ST-4000 
  • WorkForce ST-C2100 

Compatible Epson 502 Ink Cartridge - T502 - Multi Pack Description

Does the compatible Epson T502 ink cartridge single pack not meet your daily print needs? Don't worry! True Image takes it into account. Therefore, we strongly recommend a multi-pack version of the T502 ink. Three options for you include four different ink colors - Black, cyan, magenta, and yellow ink. Multi-pack Epson 502 ink will help you print more and save more. True Image multi-piece 502 bottles contain high-quality ink. It is easy to install and provides consistent and professional results. Each cartridge is individually packaged and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get your money's worth. The Epson ink is compatible with Epson WorkForce, Expression, and EcoTank series printer models. These sets' assemblies are an excellent choice for users who need high-quality prints at an affordable price.

Brief Introduction Of True Image Epson 502 Ink Cartridges

The Compatible Epson 502 Ink Cartridge, also known as the T502 series, represents a pinnacle in printing solutions for Epson inkjet printers. Aimed to integrate seamlessly with a range of Epson printers, this compatible cartridge delivers exceptional print quality and reliability. The T502 multi-pack includes a set of high-capacity ink bottles, each meticulously engineered to provide vibrant colors and sharp, crisp text. It ensures an impressive output for all your printing photos and documents. Our T502 replacements offer a perfect balance of affordability and performance, making them ideal for home, office, or creative printing tasks. With easy installation and compatibility across multiple Epson printer models, the compatible Epson T502 ink cartridges multi-pack gives a smooth printing experience without compromising quality. By the way, we noticed someone confusing Epson 502 and Epson 522. They are different inks, check out the blog Epson 502 vs 522, What Is the Difference for more info.

Reasons to Buy Our Compatible Epson 502 Ink Multi Pack

  • Optimal High-quality Printing: At the heart of True Image's excellence lies the meticulous formulation of the 502 ink, which ensures vibrant colors and razor-sharp details in every print. Whether it's vibrant images with realistic tonal bursts or documents with crisp text, these cartridges consistently deliver professional-grade results. The consistency and composition of the ink allow it to adhere perfectly to various papers, resulting in vivid and long-lasting prints. The ability of our Epson T502 cartridges to reproduce accurate colors and complex details makes them ideal for photographers, creative professionals, students, and office occasions.
  • Amazing Large-capacity Yields: Enjoy extended printing sessions without interruption with a compatible Epson 502 ink multi-pack. The high capacity yield of our compatible Epson 502 multi-pack cartridges redefines the efficiency and convenience of printing solutions, making them an excellent choice for high-volume printing tasks. Multi-pack with compatible Epson 502 ink enjoy extended printing sessions without interruption. With an emphasis on longevity and cost-effectiveness, each cartridge within the multi-pack possesses an impressive ability to produce a large number of pages. These cartridges maximize each ink drop, allowing you to print more while minimizing replacement frequency.
  • Reasonable Money-saving Price: True Image Epson 502 Ink multi-pack offers an incredibly low price that provides excellent value for your money. Because of the affordable price, you can buy in bulk without running out of money. You will have enough ink to keep printer running a long time. The cost savings compared to the one-time purchase of a single cartridge are significant. Low cost is achieved while maintaining high standards of quality, ensuring that your prints are fade resistant and of the highest quality. True Image's Epson 502 ink provides durable color and detail for your prints. Therefore, purchasing a multi-pack of T502 ink will not only help you reduce your expenses, but also save you time and the trouble of constantly changing cartridges.
  • Free Same-day Shipping: To enhance your printing experience, we offer free same-day shipping on our compatible Epson 502 ink multi-pack. We understand the urgency of having your printing supplies readily available, so we prioritize prompt delivery. Order confidently and receive your ink cartridges promptly, ensuring you have the supplies you need exactly when you need them. With our commitment to swift and reliable shipping, you can rest assured that your printing tasks will not be delayed, allowing you to proceed with your projects seamlessly. If the delivery is delayed by weather or other emergency, we will inform you in time.

Note: According True Image Shipping Terms, we offer free shipping only for orders over $30. If you purchase a product on True Image for less than $30, you will be responsible for a $4.95 shipping fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Compatible Epson T502 Ink Multi-Pack At True Image

1. Which Epson printers are compatible with Epson 502 ink replacements?

Our compatible T502 ink can work with the following original Epson printers:

  • Epson Expression Series: Expression ET-2700; ET-2750; ET-3700.
  • Epson WorkForce Series: Workforce ET-3750; ET-4750; ST-2000; ST-3000; ST-4000; ST-C2100; ST-C4100.
  • Epson EcoTank Series (selected models): EcoTank ET-2760; ET-2850; ET-2856; ET-3710; ET-3760; ET-3830; ET-3850; ET-4760; ET-4850.

Note: The list may not include all compatible printer models. A complete list of compatible printer models is available on our product page. In addition, verifying the compatibility of a particular printer model is crucial by checking the printer manual, the manufacturer's website, or the cartridge packaging.

2. How long will the True Image Epson T502 Ink Multi-Pack last?

The lifespan of the True Image Epson T502 ink multi-pack depends on several factors, such as print frequency, print volume, and ink usage. The multi-pack design allows you to store ink that, if used regularly, can last for months or even years. However, replacing the cartridge when it is low on power is recommended to ensure continuous printing performance. The T502 ink multi-pack is known for its high capacity, which typically allows many printed pages compared to standard cartridges. High-volume cartridges naturally reduce replacement frequency and provide extended printing capabilities.

Epson usually provides an estimated page yield for their cartridges, but True Image's specific page yield may vary. For example, the estimated number of pages for an Epson 502 black cartridge is about 7,500 pages. In comparison, the number of pages for a color cartridge is about 6,000 pages for each color (cyan, magenta, yellow). The actual yield may also be affected by conditions such as what is printed, the type of paper, the frequency of printing, and the environmental conditions.

3. Does using True Image Compatible Epson T502 ink cartridges void my printer's warranty?

Using True Image compatible Epson T502 cartridges should not void your printer's warranty. The Magnusen-Moss Warranty Act protects consumers from such situations by ensuring that compatible cartridges do not automatically void the printer's limited warranty. It's important to note that using compatible ink cartridges is generally considered safe for printers when they are designed and sold as alternatives to original cartridges. True Image is Designed and sold as an alternative to original cartridges. True Image Ecofit ink cartridges are uniquely designed for compatibility and reliability with specific printer models and to provide a seamless printing experience without causing damage to the printer. However, problems arise due to the use of compatible cartridges. In that case, it is recommended to consult the printer's warranty documentation or contact the printer manufacturer's customer support to clarify warranty coverage.


Product Brand True Image
OEM Number T502
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 7,500 Pages(BK); 6,000 Pages(C/M/Y)

Compatible Epson 502 Ink Cartridge - T502 - Multi Pack Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Peg Jeffries
Cheap ink!!

I’m usually skeptical about buying from a business I don’t know anything about, I took a chance and I’m so glad I did!! The refills were less than half of what I was going to pay anywhere else and the refills were delivered REALLY quick!! Will buy again and recommend them to others!!

J. Sinclair
replacement ink

ink was easy to refill and not messy at all, gave me great print quality

Ashley matz

This ink will last me more than a year! Great value

Judy Robertser
Great price

Compared to the store they are a great value