Compatible Epson 252 Ink Cartridge - T252 - Multi Pack

 Page Yield: Black: 350 Pages Cyan/Magenta/Yellow: 300 Pages Each

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Pack: 4 (1 Black,1 Cyan,1 Yellow,1 Magenta)
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Compatible Epson 252 Ink Cartridge - T252 - Multi Pack Description

True Image compatible Epson 252 ink cartridge has the same reliability and stability as genuine products and can produce impressive printing results. The Epson 252 compatible ink cartridges come in four colors: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. The Epson 252 black ink cartridge uses high-quality ink to provide clear and full black text and images, ensuring clarity and detail when printing documents or photos. The Epson 252 color ink cartridge uses high-definition ink, providing a more realistic and clear printing effect. It can print amazing documents and great photos. Regardless of the color of the ink cartridge, it can provide good printing results and provide you with a high-quality printing experience. Compared to the Epson 252 single pack, the combination of sets is more cost-effective. Upgrade your printing experience now and enjoy high-quality printing.

Why Choose True Image Epson 252 Ink Cartridges Combo Pack?

Superior Quality: Our Epson ink 252 compatible cartridge uses high-quality ink with bright and full colors. It can present excellent printing results, whether it's printing documents or photos. The text is clear and sharp, and the images are delicate and realistic. Bring you fantastic visual enjoyment. Our compatible Epson 252 ink cartridges have undergone strict performance and quality testing and are the same high quality as the original product. You do not need to spend additional money on specialized cartridges to print on either plain or photo paper. At the same time, this ink cartridge is made of durable materials and can withstand frequent use tests. Even if used for a long time, the ink cartridge will not be easily damaged, ensuring the continuous and stable printing process.

Affordable Price: The price of Epson 252 compatible ink cartridges is relatively low. This compatible ink cartridge is more affordable than the original ink cartridge. Even though our prices are lower, we still have the same quality and performance as the original products. Both individual and corporate users can save costs and achieve more efficient printing investments when purchasing.

Strong Compatibility: Our Epson printer ink 252 compatible cartridges bring unprecedented convenience and efficiency to your printing work with their excellent compatibility. The True Image Epson 252 compatible ink cartridge is perfectly compatible with Epson WorkForce series printers, such as Epson WorkForce WF-3620, Epson WorkForce WF-3640, Epson WorkForce WF-7110, Epson WorkForce WF-7210, Epson WorkForce WF-7610, Epson WorkForce WF-7620, Epson WorkForce WF-7710, Epson WorkForce WF-7710DWF, Epson WorkForce WF-7720, and Epson WorkForce WF-7720 DTWF. The Epson 252 compatible ink cartridge can provide stable printing support no matter which printer you use.

Multiple Options: We have specially launched the Epson printer ink 252 compatible cartridge set combination to meet your diverse printing needs. This combo pack relies on its excellent compatibility, high-quality printing effects, and affordable price. The Epson 252 consistent ink cartridge set includes 4-pack, 5-pack, and 10-pack. The Epson 252 compatible ink cartridge 4-pack includes one Epson 252 black ink cartridge, one cyan ink cartridge, one magenta ink cartridge, and one yellow ink cartridge. The 5-piece set of Epson ink 252 compatible cartridges includes two black Epson 252 ink cartridges and one ink cartridge in the other three colors. The 10-pack of Epson 252 compatible ink cartridges includes 4 black Epson 252 ink cartridges and 2 ink cartridges in three different colors. The Epson 252 black ink cartridge can print approximately 350 pages with a 5% coverage, while other color ink cartridges can print around 300. This set can meet your printing needs, avoiding the hassle of frequently replacing ink cartridges and saving money.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We guarantee that the Epson 252 compatible ink cartridge is made with high-quality ink and exquisite craftsmanship, ensuring precise printing results and bright colors. And it is perfectly compatible with various brands and models of printers. We always adhere to strict quality control standards, ensuring that every ink cartridge undergoes rigorous testing to provide a reliable printing experience. At the same time, we promise to provide you with high-quality products and after-sales service. If you encounter problems while using Epson 252 compatible ink cartridges, our professional customer service team will be ready to provide assistance and solutions anytime. If there are quality issues with the product, we will actively handle and provide replacement or refund services to ensure your rights are protected to the maximum extent possible. Therefore, please rest assured to purchase a True Image Epson 252 compatible ink cartridge and enjoy a low-price but high-quality printing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Compatible Epson Printer Ink 252 Combo Pack?

Epson 252 And Epson 252XL: Which One Is Superior?

Rather than saying which of the two compatible ink cartridges, Epson 252 and Epson 252XL, is it better to say which one suits your printing needs. These two ink cartridges belong to the same series, and their performance and quality are the same. The most significant difference between them is the difference in page yield. Epson 252 is a standard production ink cartridge. The page output of this ink cartridge is as mentioned earlier. The black ink cartridge can print approximately 350 pages, and the color ink cartridge can print around 300. The Epson 252XL ink cartridge is a higher production version, and each color can print approximately 1,100 pages with a coverage rate of 5%. Regardless of the page output, ink cartridges can perfectly match your printer to output high-quality printing results.

If you use ink cartridges frequently and have a lot of printing needs, Epson 252XL would be a better choice. Although the initial price of Epson 252XL is relatively high, in the long run, its cost per page is lower and will be more cost-effective. If you don't use a printer frequently and have lower printing requirements, Epson 252 will be more suitable for you. It has a lower initial price and is ideal for users with lower printing frequencies. But no matter how you choose these two ink cartridges, you should choose the one that suits you based on your budget and usage frequency.

Can Epson 252XL Ink Cartridges Be Refilled?

Yes, you can refill the genuine Epson 252XL ink cartridge. You can achieve this if you follow the instructions or videos correctly and use the correct filling tools. However, we strongly recommend replacing all empty Epson 252XL ink cartridges to avoid quality printing degradation or other issues. You can use our low-priced, high-quality Epson 252XL compatible ink cartridges. Our products have undergone rigorous product testing to ensure perfect compatibility with printers. Using our compatible ink cartridges not only ensures quality but also saves you the trouble of replacing ink cartridges.



Product Brand True Image
OEM Number 252
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield

Black: 350 Cyan/Yellow/Magenta: 300

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