Compatible Canon 137 Cartridge Twin Pack - Canon Toner 137

 Page Yield: 2400* Pages each

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Save Over 80% From Each Genuine Canon Cartridge 137.

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Compatible Canon 137 Cartridge Twin Pack - Canon Toner 137 Description

This is a combo pack of compatible Canon137 black toner cartridges. By ordering this twin pack, you will get a lower price for each Canon cartridge 137, and free shipping for your order. Shop now to enjoy big savings and worry-free printing.

What Makes Compatible Canon 137 Cartridge Twin Pack A Better Choice

Low Price But Same Quality

At a fantastic low price but with absolutely no compromises with regard to quality, our compatible Canon CRG137 black toner is a great choice for your wallet and printer. Compared to the OEM cartridge Canon 137, this twin pack can save you 75%. If you have the Canon printers listed in the compatibility section on this page, you can feel free to order this Canon137 2-pack. True Image is the perfect place to keep your Canon printer working well.

Long-term Warranty

True Image brand compatible toner cartridges come with a 2-year warranty, and Canon 137 toner is no exception. As you can see, our product warranty is much more extended than others, which is only 90 days, one year or even 30 days. So you can know how confident we are in our compatible toners. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on Canon 137 toner replacements. Therefore, shop for these cheap Canon 137 toner replacements with peace of mind.

Free Shipping And Fast Delivery

We offer free shipping on all continental USA orders over $30. Meaning you can enjoy free shipping by buying a compatible Canon 137 toner cartridge twin-pack if you send your order to the continental USA. For orders under $30, we will charge $4.95 or more. Plus, we can deliver the product within 1-3 days, ensuring you quickly get back to printing. For more details, please check our shipping policy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Compatible Canon 137 Cartridge Twin Pack

How Many Pages Can A Canon 137 Cartridge Print?

The Canon 137 black toner is a standard yield cartridge compatible with several Canon laser printers. According to ISO/IEC standards, this cartridge has a page yield of 2,400 pages.
True Image premium compatible Canon 137 printer cartridge has the same page yield as the OEM cartridge. With this twin pack of Canon 137 ink cartridges, you can print up to 4,800 pages(based on ISO/IEC standards)

How To Replace Canon Toner 137?

Replacing a Canon toner cartridge 137 can be done in a few simple steps:
1. Lift the operation panel and open the toner cover.
2. Hold the old cartridge by the handle and pull it out.
3. Remove the new cartridge from its packaging and gently shake it to distribute the toner.
4. Remove the protective cover and strip from the new cartridge.
5. Insert the new cartridge into the printer, ensuring it's firmly in place.
6. Close the front cover of the printer.
It's important to note that you should follow any additional instructions with your specific printer model or cartridge to ensure proper installation.

Can I Refill Canon Cartridge 137?

It is not recommended to refill a Canon cartridge 137 because it might damage the printer and result in poor print quality.
If you are looking to save money on ink, consider purchasing our compatible Canon toner 137. True Image compatible toners are much cheaper than the originals and are specially designed to work with your laser printer. Our high-quality Canon 137 cartridge will ensure good print quality and avoid potential printer damage.

How To Store A Canon 137 Black Cartridge?

If you need to store a Canon 137 printer cartridge, here are some general guidelines to help ensure that it stays in good condition:
1. Keep the cartridge in its original packaging until you are ready to use it. The packaging is designed to protect the cartridge from light, moisture, and dust.
2. Store the cartridge in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, high temperatures, or humidity.
3. Avoid exposing the cartridge to extreme temperature changes. Rapid temperature changes can cause condensation inside the cartridge, which can affect print quality.
4. Handle the cartridge carefully and avoid dropping it or shaking it vigorously. Toner cartridges are delicate and can be easily damaged if mishandled.
5. Avoid touching the drum unit. The fingerprint will cause poor print quality.
By following these storage tips, you can help ensure that your Canon 137 toner cartridge remains in good condition and is ready to use when you need it.


True Image SKU TI-CRG137-2PK
Product Brand True Image
OEM Number Cartridge 137
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 2400 each
Cost Per Page 0.71 Cents

Compatible Canon 137 Cartridge Twin Pack - Canon Toner 137 Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kashine Meyer

Compatible Canon 137 Cartridge Twin Pack - Canon Toner 137

Value for money

This is a good purchase. OEM has same price like a new printer while I got two in 1/5 price

Quality printing great priced product

Prompt shipping, double boxed. Value priced.

Can't tell it's not name brand

Works exactly as good as a name brand cartridge at a fraction of the price. The two pack means I have a spare. Really great value.

M Kocher
Great Value, Works Great For Canon D570

I ordered this after my starter toner for the Canon D570 was running low. It came in one day, it was easy to install with the simple directions, and the quality is great! I tested the printing with a school paper that had different fonts, bold, italics, and page numbers. It all looked great! Two toner cartridges for this price and quality is unbeatable.