Canon 054 Toner Compatible, Canon ImageClass MF642Cdw Toner Set High Yield 4 Pack Combo

 Page Yield: Black: 3100 Pages, Cyan/Yellow/Magenta: 2300 Pages
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This product is guaranteed to work with below printers:

Canon 054 Toner Compatible, Canon ImageClass MF642Cdw Toner Set High Yield 4 Pack Combo Description

Canon 054 toner compatible high yield (Canon 054H toner) sold on our True Image website is toner cartridge set compatible with Canon Imageclass MF642cdw. You can shop Canon MF642cdw toner with confidence in our store as we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on both the products and service. The high-quality products and excellent after-sales service will make you a happy shopping experience.

About printer consumables

Like gas and car, the consumable is the supplement to make your printer running. The more you print per day, the quicker the consumables run out. The most common printer consumables are:
  • Paper.
  • Printer cartridge (including ink cartridge and toner cartridge).
  • Printer drum.
  • Printer head(for ink cartridge).
Sometimes you can use toner powder or ink to refill a used printer cartridge. The laser printers use toner cartridges to produce printed pages, while ink cartridge is for InkJet printers.

When you purchase a printer, there comes a set of printer cartridges, called the starter cartridges, to make you start printing after installing the machine. The starter cartridges often won't last long, and you'd better buy a replacement early when the printer gives a low-volume-consumer alarm. Don't be stupid not to find a gas station until the petrol is out.

Canon Color imageCLASS MF642Cdw is an entry-level multifunction laser printer with rich print, scan, and copy capabilities designed for small and medium-sized businesses. This printer is a popular model, so the specific toner cartridges are in significant demand.

About Canon 054H toner


Canon 054H and Canon 054 are both toner cartridge sets used in the same printer models, including LBP620, imageCLASS MF642Cdw, imageCLASS MF640C, and imageCLASS MF644Cdw. Canon 054H toner differs from Canon 054 only from the page yield. 054H toner prints more pages than 054, so we often call it high yield toner cartridge, for instance, "Canon Imageclass MF642cdw toner set high yield." High-capacity toner options offer a better cost-efficiency than standard toners like Canon 054.

This toner cartridge set contains four colors of laser toner cartridges: Cartridge 054H Black, Cartridge 054H Cyan, Cartridge 054H Yellow, and Cartridge 054H Magenta. The respective printing pages are 3,100 for color and 2,300 for back, which is about twice the standard Canon 054 toner set. 


Expensive OEM products will cost you a lot.


As a kind of must equipment in modern office, printer plays a vital role in our daily work. As a result, we purchase ink and toner frequently with other office supplies. Compared to the affordable low-end printers and AIOs designed for small offices and home offices, the original consumables often cost you a hand and leg in the long run. If you calculate, you will surprisingly find out the printing cost will catch the printer itself in one or two years, significantly when the printing volume increases. Ink and toner supplement takes a big part of your office budget, and we should never ignore them.

What are the differences between the original toner cartridge, compatible toner cartridge, and remanufactured laser toner cartridge?

OEM Original equipment manufacturer laser toner cartridges are designed by Canon engineers and manufactured in Canon facilities. Canon devices will produce high-quality results consistently. Compatible Canon color Imageclass MF642cdw toner is from a third-party factory. Some of the compatible products work well, but some do not. When the manufacturer produces a cartridge replacement with a carcass of used Canon genuine toner, we call it the remanufactured laser toner.

The actual printing cost in your office

Do you know what the actual printing cost is? Some cheap printers come with expensive OEM original laser toner cartridges. And a cheap cartridge replacement may print a meager page yield. The cost you spend on printing is consists of several metrics:

  • The printer cost.
  • Toner cost.
  • The toner page yield.
  • Even the time you spend on printing.

The printer cost is a one-time payment and the consumable cost increase along with the printing. The cost per page for a printer is a little complex, as you need to estimate the Duty Cycle of your machine. A seldom-used printer will last a long time, but the printing cost per page is higher than a frequently used one. We need only to compare the consumable cost for the same printers.

How to save on printing?

High capacity toner options

When we divide the toner price by the page yield, we get consumables costs per page. Color pages cost consists of 4 colors, including black toner, yellow toner, cyan toner, and magenta toner. The cost per page for Back cartridge 054 high capacity is $0.029 from $88.35 (toner price)/3000(page yield), which is much lower than $0.043 of the standard one with 1,400 pages. High-capacity toner options are an excellent choice to lower your printing cost.

High-quality compatible toner options

Many users may choose the original consumables because of getting lousy print quality with compatible ink and toner. Indeed, part of the compatible products is of poor quality, as they are from some small factories with no production standard and quality control. Users will lose money with an unworkable cartridge replacement in this case. What's worse, the wrong compatible cartridge may damage your printer if the toner powder leaks from it. There are no mentions about the precious time wasted on getting a new toner cartridge replacement and the affected meeting without professional documents. So a reliable, compatible products brand should be the first concern when you want to save on the consumables.

How to find the correct printer consumables online?

Prices may vary from different channels, both online and offline. Usually, store prices are higher than online stores. The simple way to find the specific toner cartridge for your Canon printer is to Google the keywords. The keywords can be consist of your printer model and "toner cartridge, or the OEM code. For example, color Imageclass MF642cdw printer toner cartridge or Canon 054 black. You can get many results, including the Canon facilities genuine supplies, and compatible cartridges.


True Image is a reliable toner cartridge Brand.

True Image compatible toner cartridges are from one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry. We produce every cartridge under strict production standards and quality control to lower the defect rate. The quality and page yield is similar to the Canon genuine toner, and the price is lower. We offer free shipping for orders with a small purchase amount. All these we do is to make you dissatisfied with your purchase. True Image is one of the best choices among many sellers with different prices and offers.

You may have some queries about using the compatible Canon cartridge 054 high capacity.

Will they sell my personal information?

Online shipping will let the seller get your contact information, including the mail, telephone, address, and name. So it's essential to ship with a severe merchandiser to keep your data secret. True Image is a trustworthy supplier, which obtains a good reputation in the market. We Pay attention to the privacy of each customer.

Will it void the Canon printer warranty to use the compatible products?

NO. Using the compatible products will not void your printer warranty. But if the compatible cartridge damages your printer, the OEM will reject to offer the warranty. True Image 100% satisfaction guarantee covers the damage from our products. We stand behind every compatible ink and toner with our name on it. We will pay for the maintenance fee or even the new printer cost.


True Image SKU TI-CRG054H-1SET
Product Brand True Image
OEM Number Cartridge 054H
Product Capacity High Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield Black: 3100 Pages, Cyan/Yellow/Magenta: 2300 Pages
Cost Per Page 1.44 cents

Canon 054 Toner Compatible, Canon ImageClass MF642Cdw Toner Set High Yield 4 Pack Combo Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Paul Fox
Sweet Deal and good toner.

Not much to say but this company treats customers right. I bought more toner than I need because of the good deals. The way the Biden Regime is going the price will have to be doubled in a year from now. I stocked up!

Catherine Canchola
054 Toner Cartridges

Very pleased with the quality of the cartridges. Would buy again.

Andrea Haney

The cartridges are printing really light. Not sure what is going on. Will this darken?

print quality is superb!

great product!

Easy to install

Directions was easy to follow. Got it quick and was able to print color again.