Canon PGI-280XXL CLI-281XXL Ink Cartridges 5-Pack | Super High Yield

 Page Yield: PG Black 600* Pages, Black 6,360* Pages, Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 830* Pages
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Canon PGI-280XXL CLI-281XXL Ink Cartridges 5-Pack | Super High Yield Description

With this Compatible Canon PGI-280XXL CLI-281XXL Ink Cartridge 5-Pack Combo, you have everything you need to create the highest quality color prints. 6,360 pages for the dye-based black cartridge, 600 pages for the pigment black and 830 pages for color cartridges. At high yield capacity, our Canon cartridges can expertly deal with any print job, no matter how big or complex. That's not all-they can produce the clearest and most vibrant color output. If not for this combo pack's affordable price tag, you'd mistake them for OEMs. Buy now to get free shipping for your order!

PGI-280XXL-Designed for Text Documents

Canon PGI-280XXL pigment black ink tank is the super high yield replacement for PGI-280 and PGI-280 XL ink tanks. This pigment black ink is used for printing documents on plain paper and ensures crisp sharp text with great longevity.

Just so you know, the standard yield pigmented black PGI-280 only yields 200 pages. And the high yield black ink tank PGI-280XL has a midium page yield of 400 pages. They will run out of ink fast if you print text documents often. With high page yield of 600 pages, this compatible Canon ink PGI-280XXL Pigment BK saves your time and money on replacing ink cartridges.

CLI-281 XXL-Designed for Both Photos and Documents

In this combo pack, there are four individual CLI-281 XXL ink cartridges coming together with the PGI-280 XXL. They are CLI-281 XXL black ink tank, cyan ink tank, magenta ink tank and yellow ink tank.

CLI-281 XXL black ink tank is a dye based cartridge specially designed for printing beautiful long last photos and images. When you print text documents, this dye-based black ink cartridge consumes almost no ink. However, that doesn't mean that you don't need to replace it if you keep printing text documents. The CLI-281XXL dye-based black ink will have very little consumption when your printer automatically cleans the printhead. So after you print 6,360 pages of text documents, you still need to replace this dye-based black ink. If you are printing photos, this dye-based black ink will run out of ink faster than printing text documents. On the countrary, the PGI black ink will consume more slowly.

CLI-281 XXL color ink replacements for genuine Canon inks provide optimal performance and offer exclusive access to Creative Park Premium content. Each super HY ink tank has an average page yield of 830 pages. And individual ink tank optimizes efficiency as you only need to replace the ink that runs out.

Notes: the cartridge page yield is based on the ISO/IEC 24712 chart. How many pages you can get depends on the real coverage of your documents.

PGI-280XXL CLI-281XXL Quality and Compatibility

True Image brand cartridges match the quality and compatibility of genuine cartridges from original equipment manufacturers (printer manufacturers). With our inexpensive Canon 280 281 ink cartridge replacements, you can print any documents you want. Even photo-quality printing, our ink cartridges are up to the task, and you don't need to worry about high printing costs.

Besides, our super HY Canon 280 281 ink cartridge replacements are tested to be compatible with all selected printers with chromalife100 system. They are Canon PIXMA TR7520 TR8520 TR7500 TS6120 TS6100 TS6220 TS6320 TS6200 TS702 TR8520 TR8500 TR8620 TS9520 TS9521C TS8120 TS8100 TS8220 TS8200 TS9120 TS9100 TS8320 printers. Only if your printers are working okay with the genuine Canon 280 281 ink cartridges, our PGI-280XXL CLI-281XXL ink cartridges will be compatible with them.

Super HY Canon 280 281 Ink Cartridge Guarantee

The shelf life of this super high yield combo pack is 18-24 months. And we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee (lifetime guarantee) during the life time. If any color ink happens to be defective, we will send a replacement as soon as we receive your request. Also, you have the right to get a refund for the defect if you don't need it anymore.

Tips on Using PGI-280XXL CLI-281XXL Ink Cartridges

  • Print quality is determined by both ink cartridges and paper. If you want high quality prints, we recommend using high quality paper with our ink cartridges. If you use our ink cartridges to print photos, Canon Photo Paper is your best choice. It protects your photos from fading or distortion. 
  • Our Canon 280 281 ink cartridges will work together with cartridges from 3rd party office supply sellers like LD Products, Cool Toner, etc. But in order to get the best results from our ink cartridges, we recommend that you keep using our ink cartridges. Frequently switching suppliers may get you a better price in the short term, but there is no guarantee of consistent print quality. This is not worthwhile in the long run.
  • Use of compatible and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges does not void your printer warranty. For more details, you can refer to  the MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY IMPROVEMENT ACT.
  • Need more Canon cartridges? We carry full range of Canon toner cartridges including Canon 054 toner compatible, Canon 057 toner, Canon 057H toner, Canon 121 toner, etc.



Product Brand True Image
Product Capacity Super High Yield
Shelf Life 18-24 Months
Page Yield PG Black 600 Pages, Black 6360 Pages, Cyan/Yellow/Magenta 830 Pages
Cost Per Page 0.25 cents

Canon PGI-280XXL CLI-281XXL Ink Cartridges 5-Pack | Super High Yield Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Linda DiPierro
Ecstatic over your ink!!!!!

Works like a charm! You’ve fooled the printer; it thinks the ink Cannon, BRAVO

Works with Canon TS6320

Saved a lot getting these.
Considering the chip shortage and Canon's recent change in policy allowing printers to use 3rd party ink (for now), I'd say now's a better time than any to get these 3rd party printers. I also wouldn't recommend updating any firmware unless you have to, lest you risk not being able to use these 3rd party inks.

Nigel Holcroft
Great value that's equal to the brand name

These ink cartridges function equally as well as the significantly more expensive name-brand variety. I can't think why anyone would waste money but it's your choice. ;-)

Omar W.
Best replacement cartridges

I've gone through many of this companies cartridges and they last as long as the name brand and work just as well. Can't recommend them anymore than I already do. Also best price

They Work Great

They work great in my printer. They last pretty long. The colors are pretty good. I like the price and they arrived the next day.