Compatible Brother TN660 Toner Cartridges -Twin Pack

 Page Yield: 2600 * Pages each

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Want to Print More for Less? Buy Brother TN660 (Double Yield) 5,200 Pages at $19.99.

Sale price$34.95
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In stock

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Compatible Brother TN660 Toner Cartridges -Twin Pack Description

Tips on using TN660 toner cartridges

  • 1. Please do not open the vacuum packing bag before the toner cartridge is used.
  • 2. When the toner cartridge needs to be installed and removed, the power supply of the printer should be cut off.
  • 3. Before installing the toner cartridge into the printer, please confirm whether the printer can be used normally.
  • 4. Before installing a new toner cartridge, shake it gently to make the toner loose and uniform, so as to ensure the printing effect after installation.
  • 5. In the process of use, also need to pay attention to the environment, toner cartridge storage, and other issues.

Compatible TN660 helps you work efficiently.

Our toner has uniform particles, high blackness, less waste powder and strong adhesion. Therefore, the text printed with it is clear and sharp, and the handwriting is full. The printed image has good color and high quality. The printed lines are straight and clear. And the printed charts and figures are clean, neat and sharp. Furthermore, Our compatible TN-660 black toner cartridges are made with the highest quality new components in ISO9001 / ISO14001 certified factories. SO this ensures our products maintain high quality and durability and can withstand the test. In general, the printing effect of our TN 660 compatible toner cartridges is the same as that of Brother genuine cartridges.

Please note that our toner cartridges have a shelf life of 24 to 36 months. For purchasers who want to purchase large quantities of toner cartridges at one time, we recommend that the toner cartridges be stored in a cool and electromagnetic-free environment between -10℃--40℃.

Our compatible TN 660 standard yield black toner cartridge can print approximately 2,600 pages. In addition, our professional compatible Brother toner cartridge creates rich blacks and is intelligently engineered to work in seamless unison with your Brother laser printers. Our TN 660 black toner cartridges have strong compatibility and are suitable for the following Brother printer models: HL-L2300D HL-L2305W HL-L2320D HL-L2340DW HL-L2360DN HL-L2360DW HL-L2365DW HL-L2380DW DCP-L2500D DCP-L2520DW DCP-L2540DN DCP-L2540DW DCP-L2560DW MFC-L2705DW MFC-L2700DW MFC-L2707DW MFC-L2720DW MFC-L2740DW MFC-L2700DWR MFC-L2700DN MFC-L2680W.

If you need a lot of printing, you might as well take a look at DR630 Drum Unit.

If your enterprise is large or you need batch printing, we recommend DR630 Drum Unit to you. It can be used with our compatible TN660. And the page yield of this high yield drum unit is up to 12000 pages, and its price is only $26.99. Moreover, the DR630 Drum Unit also applies to the following printer models: DCP-L2500D DCP-L2520DW DCP-L2540DN DCP-L2540DW MFC-L2700DW MFC-L2720DW MFC-L2740DW MFC-L2700DWR MFC-L2700DN MFC-L2680W MFC-L2705DW HL-L2300D HL-L2320D HL-L2340DW HL-L2360DN HL-L2360DW HL-L2365DW HL-L2380DW.

We provide you with cost-effective products and the best customer service.

The price of our compatible TN-660 black toner cartridges is several times lower than that of Brother genuine TN660 high yield toner cartridges. For the same amount of money, you can only buy one Brother genuine TN-660 toner cartridge, but you can buy three or four of our compatible toner cartridges. Although the price of the compatible toner cartridge is lower than that of the original Brother TN660 toner cartridge, we also ensure the printing effect and page yield reach the same level as the original. By the way, our products’ prices may vary sometimes because of the promotion activities.

Free shipping when you buy our products for more than $30. However, if you buy our products for less than $30, you need to pay $4.95 for shipping (the free shipping clause does not apply to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico).

For the abnormal effects caused by the failure of the toner cartridge, we will refund the defective products at any time. In addition, offers 100% OEM compatible toner cartridges and a 1-year performance guarantee.

Brother offers an environmentally responsible service, that is, the application of environmentally friendly materials to the production process. We can do the same.

More information about us

Our products--We strictly implement the product standards of safety, green, environmental protection, low carbon, and low failure rate. In addition, We combine high-quality products with sincere service and adhere to building a high-quality brand in the printing consumables industry. Please believe that we are your solid backing for efficient office printing.

Our team--We are the largest supplier of compatible printer toner cartridges anywhere in Europe and North America. And we have rich experience in printer fault handling and can provide you with professional fault solutions. Therefore, this is our guarantee to provide you with high-quality service.

Our philosophy--We take the spirit of innovation as our driving force, the common goal as our guidance, the rich work experience as our basis, the sincere service as our concept, and the customer's peace of mind as our purpose.

Our services--We provide you with a pleasant shopping experience. And provide you with a simple, direct, and pressure-free after-sales service process. We are willing to pay, pay attention to communication, and serve attentively. Therefore, if you encounter any difficult problems with our products, we are willing to help you solve them.

Questions and answers that you may want to know

1. Why do bold black vertical lines suddenly appear on the printed white pages?

Before that, the compatible TN660 toner works normally.
A black vertical line is usually caused by foreign matters inside the machine (paper scraps, glue on labels or envelopes, paper clips, staples, etc.) sticking to or damaging the drum surface. This problem is usually solved by cleaning or replacing the selenium drum unit.

2. Will the use of compatible toner cartridges affect the life of my printer?

The compatible toner cartridge will not affect the service life of your printer. The difference between the compatible toner cartridge and the original one is the accessory quality of the toner cartridge. Therefore, the quality problems of the compatible toner cartridge mainly appear in the printing quality, the service life of the drum core, and the quality of the scraper.

3. Will you sell my personal information I left when buying your products?

We guarantee that we will not sell our customers' personal information to third parties. On the contrary, we will take appropriate management and technical guarantee measures to protect your information security.


True Image SKU TI-TN660-2PK
Product Brand True Image
OEM Number TN660 Black 2-Pack
Product Capacity Standard Yield
Shelf Life 24--36 Months
Page Yield 2600 each
Cost Per Page 0.67 cents

Compatible Brother TN660 Toner Cartridges -Twin Pack Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Excellent quality at a great price

I was a little reticent to purchase toner that did not come from the manufacturer, given all the shenanigans with ink jet cartridges. Not a concern with these! They fit correctly and work great. Haven't had them long enough to speak to longevity, but print quality is excellent. Good stuff, great price.

Tongela Fleming

Many times we think inexpensive means cheap and doesnt work. Well in this case its the total opposite. It works just as great as the original brothers version.

Haley Fox Blog
Very good quality

Buying this for my printer was a great decision. It was very easy to install this into my printer. It works extremely well, and way better than my previous cartridges. It prints out very clear and with great quality. I highly recommend this, especially for such a great price.

Value for money

Value for money, good quality.

josh davidson
Great product!

It worked perfectly! This is a very reliable brand!